Private Events

The rooftop pool and lounge is available for private events by reservation. Upon request, the rooftop lounge can have food and beverage service provided by Aiden Saigon Hotel. Please contact the hotel for more information.

Rooftop Lounge and Viewing Deck

There are tables and chairs located poolside for guests to enjoy. The rooftop lounge also boasts a second-level viewing deck for an even higher view of Ho Chi Minh City. Guests are encouraged to freely enjoy the rooftop lounge and jacuzzi pool at their leisure.

Rooftop Jacuzzi Pool

The large jacuzzi pool has fully built-in bench seats and jacuzzi jets for an extra level of enjoyment. Guest towels are available in the locker room, which is also located on the rooftop. All guests must adhere to Aiden Saigon Hotel’s pool guidelines.

Aiden Saigon Rooftop Jacuzzi Pool and Lounge

Guests are encouraged to enjoy Aiden Saigon hotels signature rooftop lounge and jacuzzi pool. Located on six floors above street level, guests can enjoy an unencumbered view of many of the area’s key attractions such as Binh Phu Park and Thao Duong Temple, as well as an expansive view of the rest of Ho CHi… Continue reading Aiden Saigon Rooftop Jacuzzi Pool and Lounge