Meeting Room

Guests in town for business or just in need of a group meeting spot can reserve the Aiden Saigon Meeting room on the ground floor of the hotel. Please contact hotel staff ahead of time to make the reservation.

Daily Breakfast

Aiden Saigon offer complimentary hot breakfast with every stay. Guests can find a delicious fusion of Vietnamese-Chinese cuisine that exemplifies the local district’s unique taste. Along with the hot breakfast buffet, guests also have a complimentary daily noodle special that can be requested and made to order. Breakfast is served 06:30 – 09:30

Rooftop Fitness and Spa

The Aiden Saigon Rooftop Fitness and Spa is located on the rooftop of the hotel and is open to all hotel guests. It contains a fitness area, sauna and steam room and locker room. It is also adjacent to the rooftop jacuzzi pool, so guests may include the pool into their wellness experience.

Rooftop Jacuzzi Pool and Lounge

Guests are encouraged to enjoy Aiden Saigon hotel’s signature rooftop lounge and jacuzzi pool. Located six floors above street level, guests can enjoy an unencumbered view of many of the area’s key attractions. The Rooftop Jacuzzi Pool and Lounge is open for guests for soaking, relaxing, enjoying the views, as well as for private reservation.… Continue reading Rooftop Jacuzzi Pool and Lounge